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Mona Awad was born in Montreal and has lived in the US since 2009. Her debut novel, 13 WAYS OF LOOKING AT A FAT GIRL, published on February 23, 2016 (Penguin Books) won the Amazon Best First Novel award and was shortlisted for the Giller Prize. It was also longlisted for the Stephen Leacock Award for Humour. Her new novel, BUNNY (Viking) will be released in 2019.

Her writing has also appeared in McSweeney’s, TIME magazine, Electric Literature, VICE, The Walrus, and elsewhere. She has worked as an instructor in the Literary Arts department at Brown University and as a bookseller for various independent bookstores including Pages in Toronto, The King's English Bookshop in Salt Lake City and Blackwell Books in Edinburgh. She has also worked as a freelance journalist and a food columnist for the Montreal-based magazine Maisonneuve. 

She earned an MFA in fiction from Brown University and an MScR in English from the University of Edinburgh where her dissertation was on fear in the fairy tale. She is currently completing a Ph.D. in Creative Writing and English literature at the University of Denver. 




13 WAYS OF LOOKING AT A FAT GIRL (debut novel)

"“[An] insightful debut novel….Awad’s sensitive, unflinching depiction of [Lizzie’s struggle] is a valuable addition to the canon of American womanhood.” –Time Magazine

"A young woman navigates uneasy relationships with herself, her weight, and the world in Awad’s painfully raw—and bitingly funny—debut. Beautifully constructed; a devastating novel but also a deeply empathetic one...[READ MORE]" STARRED, Kirkus Review

"Assured and terrific...[READ MORE]" —Publisher's Weekly

“Touching . . . Behind the title of Awad’s sharp first book, a unique novel in 13 vignettes, is brazen-voiced Lizzie, who longs for, tests, and prods the deep center of the cultural promise that thinness, no matter how one achieves it, is the prerequisite for happiness.” —Booklist

"Honest, searing, and necessary . . . [13 Ways] peels back the curtain on the struggles of entering womanhood—from body image, to relationships, to merely navigating the oh-so-cruel world. [READ MORE]—Elle

“Mona Awad writes exactly what you’re thinking, and that’s one of the many reasons you’re going to love her debut. . . . [13 Ways] announces her as a writer with real insight not only to the mind, but also to the heart. [READ MORE]” —]

"Horrific and funny, bleak and uplifting . . . This buzzy debut novel . . . grapples with ideas of self-worth, friendship, sexuality, and the lengths we will go to find beauty in the mirror. [READ MORE]"  —The Globe and Mail

“This book sparkles with wit and at the same time comes across as so transparent and genuine—Awad knows how to talk about the raw struggles of female friendships, sex, contact, humanness, and her voice is a wry celebration of all of this at once.” —Aimee Bender, author of The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake
“Hilarious and cutting . . . Mona Awad has a gift for turning the everyday strange and luminous, for finding bright sparks of humor in the deepest dark. She is a strikingly original and strikingly talented new voice.” —Laura van den Berg, author of Find Me and The Isle of Youth

“It seems that Mona Awad can describe the imperfect nature of any love perfectly: whether it’s love between friends, between mother and daughter, husband and wife, woman and food. With sharp insight and sly humor, she makes you feel like you never understood the obsessive half-life of a food addict before. Not a word is wasted, and yet the book is bursting with richness and insight and observation. Each story works beautifully as a stand-alone piece and together they make a luminous whole, like a perfect string of pearls.” –Katherine Heiny, author of Single, Carefree, Mellow

“Remarkable . . . committed to the most honest and painful portrayal and comprehension of what it means to be human, with all its flaws and joys.” –Brian Evenson, author of Fugue State and Immobility




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